A female novelist and poet

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a female novelist and poet

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African American women writers have helped bring the black woman's experience to life for millions of readers. They've written of what it was like to live in slavery, what Jim Crow America was like, and what 20th and 21st century America has been like for black women. On the following paragraphs, you'll meet novelists, poets, journalists, playwrights, essayists, social commentators, and feminist theorists. They're listed from the earliest to the latest. Phillis Wheatley was a slave in Massachusetts at the time of the Revolutionary War who was educated by her owners and became a poet and sensation for a few years. Old Elizabeth is the name used by an early African Methodist Episcopal preacher, emancipated slave, and writer. An activist against racism and sexism, she was born free in Connecticut and was part of the free black middle class in Massachusetts.
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T. Miller - "The Difference Between a Girlfriend and a Woman"

List of female poets

It was the first book written by Jane Austen, the first major woman novelist in the English language. Best known for describing the romantic lives of the middle class, Jane Austen is author of other novels, such as Pride and Prejudice, Emma, and Persuasion, that are also considered some of the milestones in English literature. What makes her works outstanding is the wit and the cynicism she uses to portray — in evident contrast to the novels of her time — ordinary people and ordinary homely settings. Being one of the first authors to promote the idea that women should marry for love, and not for financial security, Jane Austen presents timeless stories that are still relevant in our century. Through a poetic writing style matched with a strong comic touch, Charles Dickens portrays, with great awareness, the troubles and the sense of social injustice of the Victorian working class people. With the intent of revealing the disreputable side of the era, his works focus on the hypocrisy, the discrimination and the poverty of the British class system, diminishing ideas of civilisation and progress. Living in London, Dickens absorbed all the aspects of the capital that became the setting for many of his novels: streets, corners, inns…all aspects of the city are drawn in his books in a fascinating way that makes it a character in itself.

Poet and novelist Naja Marie Aidt's latest is the novel Rock, Paper, Scissors , an engrossing and sharp-edged look at a collapsing family that also brings a poet's attention to language to the story. Aidt picks her 10 favorite novels by poets. As a poet, it is almost impossible for me to read literature not centered on the language itself — which is why I have severe difficulties reading most crime fiction. A good plot or great story is not enough for me. I need the language to be precise, sensual, intense, and distinctive. I recognize myself mostly as a poet because poetry is the place I always go back to. And it is such a merciless place: there is nothing worse than a bad poem, and I feel it hardens me up as a writer to work with the language in the most extremely nerdy way.

Poet and novelist Helen Dunmore , who only recently revealed that she had been diagnosed with cancer, has died at the age of The author of 12 novels, including Orange prize winner A Spell of Winter, as well as 10 poetry collections, Dunmore revealed her diagnosis in March, as well as her pragmatic attitude towards death. Dunmore had remained with Bloodaxe her whole career. She was an exceptional person and an exceptional novelist, and her emails — like her writing - were filled with grace and light and sensitivity. I will miss her hugely. Fellow writers paid tribute to Dunmore on Monday night. She wrote novels set in the past but never broke her own rule of inventing dialogue or thoughts for real characters in history.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. - This is a list of female poets organised by the time period in which they were born.



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  1. This is a list of notable women writers. See also individual lists of women writers by nationality. Contents: Top; A; B; C; D; E; F; G; H; I; J; K; L; M; N; O; P; Q; R; S; T; U; V; W; X; Y; Z. A[edit]. Karen Aabye (–), Danish journalist, novelist, travel writer, and . Dominican-US poet, novelist and essayist; How the García Girls Lost Their.

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