A gentleman in moscow book club questions and answers

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a gentleman in moscow book club questions and answers

Book Discussions: A Gentleman in Moscow Discussion Guide

See Featured Authors Answering Questions. To ask other readers questions about A Gentleman in Moscow , please sign up. Answered Questions Anyone have recommendations for a book like these - beautifully written, preferably historical, leaves you feeling expansive and engaged in life? This question contains spoilers… view spoiler [Who is the woman Count Rostov meets at the end of the novel? Irene This answer contains spoilers… view spoiler [ It is certainly Anna - the narrator refers to her as "willowy" almost every time she makes an appearance in the book. Also, We know that Sofia's hair …more It is certainly Anna - the narrator refers to her as "willowy" almost every time she makes an appearance in the book.
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The reading vlog where I fall in love with A Gentleman in Moscow

A GENTLEMAN IN MOSCOW – Book Review & Discussion Questions

A Gentleman in Moscow is the story of one man confined to one hotel for one lifetime — and what a lifetime it was! Count Rostov begins his prison sentence looking ahead at a life of endless hours upon endless days upon endless weeks. More than 3 decades later, he looks back on a life filled with people and experiences and one singular but very wonderful purpose. Count Rostov watches the tumultuous events of 20th century Russia unfold through his attic window and the eyes of the visitors who frequent the restaurants and rooms of the Metropol. Through friendships and observation, he finds ways to bring his beloved country inside his confining walls.

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What was the origin of the idea? Over the two decades that I was in the investment business, I travelled a good deal for my firm. Every year, I would spend weeks at a time in the hotels of distant cities meeting with clients and prospects. In , while arriving at my hotel in Geneva for the eighth year in a row , I recognized some of the people lingering in the lobby from the year before. It was as if they had never left. Upstairs in my room, I began playing with the idea of a novel in which a man is stuck in a grand hotel.

Please put your comments for A Gentleman in Moscow book club discussion questions in the comments area below. Did you like the premise of the book? Was it believable that an aristocrat was under house arrest for more than 30 years? Why do you think that the author made the protagonist an aristocrat? How does the title of the book tie into that? How did the structure and layout of the book help the author tell the story? Was it successful in doing so this way?

Post a Comment. What appeared at first to be a delightful series of intertwined vignettes became a novel of humor and history with characters that made me want to step into the lobby of the Metropol Hotel, run up and down the staircases and dine in the Boyarsky. Animated alliterations pepper the novel and every word seems carefully selected to maximize pleasure for the reader:. Internet Resources. A quick guide to significant events in the Soviet Union from to There are many interviews with Amor Towles on YouTube, one that has more depth than most along with a nice mix of how Amor Towles writes , his writing process, his characters and his challenge of making an aristocrat likable. Major Characters.

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