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mia and me magic book

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Rosabell Laurenti Sellers is Mia Marconi, a young girl very talented with languages whose parents have recently passed away in an unspecified accident. Her aunt brings her to Florence, Italy, where she is enrolled to a private boarding school, and gives her a last gift from her parents: a book her father used to read her daily when she was younger, and a bracelet. The book is about the magical world of Centopia, a fantasy island inhabited by fairy-like creatures called elves as well as unicorns. Soon the bracelet starts to glow and asks her for a "password", which happens to be her name. As the still-puzzled young girl utters it, she is transported into the world her childhood bedtime tales were set in, and finds herself transformed into a Centopian elf, with wings and pointy ears. Though Centopia isn't the land she used to know, but rather a land plagued by drought and besieged by the dark elven queen Pantea and her minions, who roam the land in search of unicorns to kidnap. Mia, who's the only one able to understand the language of unicorns, befriends the elven prince Mo and his best friend Yuko and helps them fighting Pantea.
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Mia reads the book 'Phybe's magic'.

The Legend of Centopia/Oracles

Sign in. Mia, Yuko, and Mo try to find proof that Rixel is playing a tricky game on them. While visiting his circus, they check out the backstage area, where they find animals held in captivity. Mia is pulled back into the real world before she's had a chance to confront Panthea. She has to go back, but Vincent and Paula worry that she's in danger. However, when they see ominous new images Mia glumly arrives at a strange new boarding school where she immediately clashes with the popular girls.

By the magic book I was sent so far now I'm flying to the sky of Centopia. Walking step by step then I don't look back as I explore this wonderous place. Is it just a dream or some fantasy or maybe just another kind of reality? As I stand my ground when the darkness falls so I mean I've got to be a hero today. Come and fly with me

NOTE: Please beware that this wiki may contain possible spoilers! Welcome to Mia and Me W i k i! This is a wiki all about the animated TV series Mia and Me. In the show, a schoolgirl named Mia finds herself in a new magical land of Centopia. Learn more about us

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If you know the magic word and use magical artifact can be in a country of fairies, unicorns, elves and other fantasy creatures in the world. The series is broadcasted in many countries. It' s an illustrated children' s story about a music loving mouse that comes to listen to the piano every time I played. Parents need to know that Mia and Me is a fantasy series about a girl who uses a mysterious game to travel to a land of dragons, unicorns, and magic. The mouse Mia gets a Maigic Book from her godmother.



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