Itachi shinden book light and darkness

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itachi shinden book light and darkness

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It is the second instalment of the Naruto Shinden series. At age eleven, Itachi Uchiha is given the assignment to assassinate Mukai Kohinata - a traitor to Konohagakure - before he can join the village's Anbu. The day before the mission is to take place, Itachi practices shurikenjutsu while his younger brother, Sasuke , watches.

Itachi Shinden Book: Light and Darkness

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It is the first instalment of the Naruto Shinden series. Fugaku intends for the mounds of dead to be an early lesson for Itachi, imprinting on him that it is a shinobi 's role to fight, kill, and die. Itachi is indeed affected by the scene, but he does not submit to this reality that his father intends him to. Rather, as he cries, he resolves to become strong - stronger than anyone else - so that with his power he can end the fighting and thus save the world's shinobi from this fate. When the war ends a few weeks later with Konohagakure 's victory and its Third Hokage , Hiruzen Sarutobi , steps down, none in the village propose Fugaku to be Hiruzen's successor.

Sasuke Uchiha reflects on the darkness that once drove him through life: the desire to avenge the demise of the Uchiha clan by killing his older brother, Itachi Uchiha ; the desire to avenge the manipulation of Itachi by destroying Konohagakure ; the desire to use all the power he'd acquired to usher in a new world of his own creation. But despite all Sasuke's misdeeds, Naruto Uzumaki refused to give up on him, constantly trying to assert their bond of friendship. In the end, Naruto succeeded. With his former darkness now replaced by Naruto's light, Sasuke wanders the world with an appreciation he never had before. Yet, wherever he goes, he still finds darkness in the world. In the most recent display of this increasing cooperation, one hundred of Kirigakure 's most skilled shinobi set out for the Land of Lightning in order to take part in a joint training exercise with the ninja of Kumogakure. The Mizukage marvels at how different things have become since the days of the " Bloody Mist ", when Kiri's ninja knew constant violence, competition, and deceit.

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For some the first half of this episode could be considered boring however its of immense importance within this arc in explaining how Itachi became who he is. However his father Fugaku has more important things on his mind then mere friendship and feelings. Fuguaku feels that as Itachi released the Sharingan at such a young age it would put the eyes of the village on him and the clan, so Itachi as his son cannot dawdle and instead continue to improve. Instead caring more about the potential power and abilities he posses. Despite for the first time seemingly being angered by his father Itachi plays it cool and moves along, showing his ability to lie is as sharp as ever.



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  1. Itachi Shinden Book: Light and Darkness (イタチ真伝篇~光と闇~, Itachi Shinden- hen~ Hikari to Yami~, Literally meaning: Itachi True Story Book: Light and.

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