The tibetan book of living and dying pdf

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the tibetan book of living and dying pdf

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This novel is based on the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism, and focuses on the process of living and dying. Using ancient Tibetan Buddhist practices, stories, legends and teachings, author Sogyal Rinpoche introduces new Buddhist followers to the primary themes in Buddhism. First, Sogyal explains the impermanent of existence, and the link between life and death. Using practices such as meditation, he then explains to readers how to find the nature of the mind, and how to reflect on emotional components and change old behaviors. Building on these concepts, Sogyal then explains the link between karma, evolution of the mind, and the rebirth process. Using this knowledge, he then explains the bardos of life, spirituality, and the innermost essence of human kind.
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To inspire a quiet revolution in the whole way we look at health and care for the dying, and the whole way we look at life and care for the living. This acclaimed spiritual masterpiece is widely regarded as one of the most complete and authoritative presentations of the Tibetan Buddhist teachings ever written.

The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying Summary & Study Guide

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In his foreword to the book, the 14th Dalai Lama says:. In this timely book, Sogyal Rinpoche focuses on how to understand the true meaning of life, how to accept death, and how to help the dying, and the dead Death and dying provide a meeting point between the Tibetan Buddhist and modern scientific traditions. I believe both have a great deal to contribute to each other on the level of understanding and practical benefit. Sogyal Rinpoche is particularly well placed to facilitate this meeting; having been born and brought up in the Tibetan tradition, he has received instructions from some of our greatest Lamas. Having also benefited from a modern education and lived and worked in the West, he has become well acquainted with Western ways of thought. According to Daniel Goleman , Rinpoche was already planning to write a book on living and dying in the late s.

It is the best-known work of Nyingma literature. The Tibetan text describes, and is intended to guide one through, the experiences that the consciousness has after death, in the bardo , the interval between death and the next rebirth. The text also includes chapters on the signs of death and rituals to undertake when death is closing in or has taken place. According to Tibetan tradition, the Liberation Through Hearing During the Intermediate State was composed in the 8th century by Padmasambhava , written down by his primary student, Yeshe Tsogyal , buried in the Gampo hills in central Tibet and subsequently discovered by a Tibetan terton , Karma Lingpa , in the 14th century. Within the texts themselves, the two combined are referred to as Liberation through Hearing in the Bardo , Great Liberation through Hearing , or just Liberation through Hearing. It is part of a larger terma cycle, Profound Dharma of Self-Liberation through the Intention of the Peaceful and Wrathful Ones [1] zab-chos zhi khro dgongs pa rang grol , also known as kar-gling zhi-khro , [2] popularly known as "Karma Lingpa's Peaceful and Wrathful Ones. The Profound Dharma of Self-Liberation is known in several versions, containing varying numbers of sections and subsections, and arranged in different orders, ranging from around ten to thirty-eight titles.

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