Black and white book design

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black and white book design

AbeBooks: No Shades of Grey - Black & White Book Covers

One of the biggest challenges for book printers is reproducing photographs in books that are otherwise mostly text. One of the tasks of a book designer is preparing these photos so they reproduce as well as possible. Before you can understand what goes into this preparation, you need to know a little about how photographs are reproduced. Translating the gray tones of a photo into an image that can be printed with just black ink, yet still look like a photo, is accomplished by screening the photographs. Traditionally we used halftone screens, which would produce a dot pattern.
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Ashford House Black and White Wallpaper - Total Wallcovering

No Shades of Grey - Black & White Book Covers

A great book cover has to feel current while also pushing the envelope in subtle ways. So what new and exciting book cover design trends are awaiting us in ? Some styles, like bold typography and illustrated covers, have continued to grow in popularity, while new trends like collage and upscale finishes are also making adventurous moves. Here are the ingenious trends we see dominating bookshelves in stores and online in These are covers where the majority of the available space is taken up by text. The capitalized fonts practically scream at you in a not-so-subtle way to draw attention entirely to the title—a statement choice in the world of books.

We were initially engaged to develop their existing identity but convinced our client that a completely new brand identity was more appropriate. Which held the most brand equity and which should be discarded. We felt it was important that the identity convey the idea of a physical black book. This created an emotive curatorial platform thereby giving the content extra value. Furthermore this physical rendition helped inform the new brand assets such as colour, shape and typography.

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Arya's Journey: House of Black and White (BOOK SPOILERS)

The use of black and white has been widely used in a variety of mediums and book covers in particular have seen a resurgence of this type of design aesthetic. From the earliest days of motion pictures, the film used was black and white with color gradually added from to the s. Considered "retro" and niche now, black and white photography was the norm when photography first got it start in the mids. Once color was available, black and white was the dominate choice of film due to its classic looks and lower cost. Television also got its start in black and white and it wasn't until the late s that color became mainstream. Newspapers, magazines and comic strips also were entirely black and white until the late s.



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