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star wars books and comics

Star Wars Comic Books: Value or Sell Your Star Wars Comics!

The Skywalker Saga might be coming to an end on the big screen this December, but at New York Comic Con today, the galaxy far, far away seemed more alive than ever. That is, if you need a hefty to-read pile to build up. It also teased a bunch of new comics and books to come in the next few months and into On the book front, several exciting announcements were made. In March, the official novelization, in both junior and regular formats, of The Rise of Skywalker will release. From publisher Del Rey meanwhile, two major continuations of current series were revealed.
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Star Wars Comics: The Complete Canon Timeline

What Are Your Vintage Marvel Star Wars Comic Books Worth?

December feels very, very far away right now. I know there are some amazing-looking books coming out soon in anticipation of the movie— Alphabet Squadron , Spark of the Resistance , and others—but until I can get my hands on those, these will have to do. My only qualm is that although perhaps things are slowly getting better in this area, the authors of Star Wars books and comics skew very male and very white. I think hope! I recently got this trade and just started it. I first read about Mara Jade while reading the original Thrawn trilogy, and I immediately wanted to read more.

Running low on options, Leia decides to reach out to her former allies, the Mon Calamari, whose shipyards once powered the Rebel Alliance. The race is on to find out. Return to Vader's Castle for a spooky spin on your favorite villains from a galaxy far, far away This fully updated, comprehensive, and detailed encyclopedia explores the characters, creatures, locations, vehicles, and technology found throughout the entire Star Wars galaxy. All the characters are covered, from Darth Vader to Yoda, along with all the popular vehicles, such as the Millennium Falcon , and all the important events that provide the foundations for the exciting Star Wars story.

Holy Sarlaacs! Marvel was completely able to repurpose Dark Horse Star Wars comics as if they were their own! As of the time of this initial reading order, there are Star Wars series now available on Marvel Unlimited. This is both completely excellent comics! Making matters more interesting, publication date has about as much to do with Star Wars chronology as lawn care does with Tatooine.

Running low on options, Leia decides to reach out to her former allies, the Mon Calamari, whose shipyards once powered the Rebel Alliance.
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This is a list of Star Wars comics , comic books set in the fictional Star Wars universe. Lucasfilm's now-corporate sibling Marvel Comics , which published Star Wars comics from to , are once again publishing Star Wars titles that started in Dark Horse Comics owned the license to publish Star Wars comics from Lucasfilm exclusively from to Comics published prior to have been rebranded as non-canon with the designation Legends. ABY stands for years after the Battle of Yavin. Adaptation of the Timothy Zahn novel by the same name. Star Wars: Doctor Aphra.



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  1. The Star Wars franchise has long been more than just feature films: Every year, there arrives an armful of novels and comics to keep fans busy while they wait for the next movie to hit theaters.

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