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archie and the gang comic books

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Alternate universes in Archie Comics. The following is a list of characters in the Archie Comics universe. Within the context of the strip and the larger series that grew out of it, Archie is a typical teenage boy, attending high school, participating in sports, and dating. He is extremely accident-prone and many of his actions, however well-intentioned, inadvertently harm the people he tries to help, especially Mr. He often ends up in detention because of this.
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Archie's Weird Mysteries - It Lives in the Sewers

The History of Archie Comics

And while the gang's all back, intertwined in their own relationships, there are some pretty stark differences between the show and the comic books. And while some may be scratching their head at the difference in characters or storylines, that doesn't mean this show isn't entertaining, to say the least. So when Camila Mendes signed on, people were taken back by how much she looked like Veronica from the comics! Minus the bangs, Camila's dark hair, eyes, and gorgeous eyebrows won everyone over. However, Camila Mendes is actually Latina descent, something that comic book Veronica was not. And as Miss Mendes states, "It's rare that you see Latin families being portrayed as intelligent, sophisticated, and powerful entities," which is something she's proud to bring to the table.

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They're the Archie characters, but definitely not as we know them. Let's take a look at how the Riverdale crew compare to their comic counterparts Archie first appeared in as "America's typical teenager", a clumsy guy who loves playing guitar and will go to any lengths to impress the opposite sex and somehow manages to do it, despite dicking Betty and Veronica around a lot. Riverdale Archie is more angsty than klutzy, but he still loves the guitar and girls — although so far the focus is less on the iconic love triangle and more on his affair with his teacher. Also he spends a lot more time shirtless not that I'm complaining. Like her comic counterpart, Riverdale's Betty is the quintessential girl next door — smart, kind, charitable, and crushing hard on her best friend Archie. In the show, she's into cheerleading rather than sports, and she also has a very dysfunctional family and a troubled side that will no doubt come out more as the season progresses.

Skip to main content. Archie Comic. Archie Vol. In Stock. I never read much Archie back in the day. It's a book geared at teenagers, or people who read young adult.

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  1. Archie Comic Publications, Inc., is an American comic book publisher headquartered in Pelham . horror title, Afterlife with Archie, depicting Archie and the gang dealing with a zombie apocalypse that begins in their hometown of Riverdale.

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