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introduction to modeling and simulation pdf

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Research on socio-technical systems, to which an enterprise, its organization, business processes, and supporting ICT belong, has been witnessing a resurging interest. Many research initiatives have been launched for the development of concepts, methods, and tools for the analysis and design of the enterprise structure, function, and processes, and for identification of actor roles and responsibilities in a consistent manner. One of the main drivers pushing research into this direction is the changing environment in which enterprises are functioning. In view of these trends, adoption of modeling and simulation, as two complementary tools for design, redesign, and improvement of enterprises, is becoming a standard practice. Especially in the face of ever evolving and changing business environment.
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Published 24.12.2018

Introduction to Simulation: System Modeling and Simulation

The Relevance of Modeling and Simulation in Enterprise and Organizational Study

In the computer application of " Modeling and simulation" a computer is used to build a mathematical model which contains key parameters of the physical model. The mathematical model represents the physical model in virtual form, and conditions are applied that set up the experiment of interest. The simulation starts — i. Simulation technology belongs to the tool set of engineers of all application domains and has been included in the body of knowledge of engineering management. Because the results of a simulation are only as good as the underlying model s , engineers, operators, and analysts must pay particular attention to its construction.

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  2. The following lectures notes and readings from the first half of this course covering particle and continuum methods are the previous year version as taught by Professor Markus Buehler.

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